Process Service


Relentless Pursuit Private Investigations serving documents, subpoenas, and unlawful detainers

Process Service

Process Serving means delivering legal papers to an individual or business using specific legal rules that make it impossible to deny the documents were received.  California law requires certain documents be "personally served" - meaning the documents must be delivered to the person being served and no one else.  In the case of a business, the head office must be served in a particular way.  Or perhaps the business has designated an agent to accept service.  Either way, our professional process servers know how to serve the documents.  Then we file a formal declaration with the Court, to establish the date, time, and location where the service took place.

Process Service is a necessary part of the legal process.  Due process of law requires that process service be done RIGHT.  You can be sure your court documents will be served in a professional manner, and in strict compliance with California law.  Your case is on the line. Don't scrimp on this crucial phase of the legal process!  You could pay for it later, with a case dismissal, or a defendant's legal motions or evasive tactics.  Go with licensed professionals.

Subpoena Service

Personal Subpoenas are writs by a court that compels testimony by a witness or production of evidence under a penalty for failure.  Many court cases rely on these kinds of particular testimony in order to proceed.  Sometimes individuals feel as though they should not testify for one reason or another and try to hide from the courts.  Our process servers are experts in locating those individuals who do not want to be found.  They will make sure that these individuals appear in court in order to provide you with the best result at trial.  Failure to get witnesses to appear in court may ruin your chances from having a successful result.

California is one of serveral states that require subpoena service to be performed by a licensed, registered and bonded process server.  All of our process servers are licensed, registered and bonded and have undergone extensive background checks before being contracted.  As a result we have some of the most knowledgeable and professional subpoena servers, not only in California, but also throughout the entire industry. 

We can prepare and serve your trial, deposition and record subpoenas.  We recognize that one of the most important aspects of subpoena service is for our clients to know exactly when the party has been served.  For this reason, we utilize state-of -the-art resources to ensure our clients always have acess to the details of their case.

Relentless Pursuit Private Investigations process service.

Relentless Pursuit Private Investigations serving documents, subpoenas, and unlawful detainers.