A Wide Range Of Services

No matter the type of investigative work you need for your case (Clovis Ca & Fresno Ca areas as well as throughout California), Relentless Pursuit Private Investigations will find the truth. Some of the services we offer our clients include:

AOE / COE Investigations

Workers Compensation Fraud

Disability Insurance Fraud

Other Insurance Related Investigations

Surveillance & GPS Tracking

Drone Surveillance

Infidelity Investigations

Family Law Investigations

Spousal Support

Child Custody & Visitation

Premarital Investigations

Injury Investigations

Personal Injury

Vehicle Collision

Disability Fraud

Worker's Compensation Fraud

Criminal Investigations

Domestic Violence To Homicide

Business- Employee Investigations



Drinking During Work Hours

Company Reputation Concerns

Sexual Harassment

Sick Leave Fraud

Wasting Company Time On Personal Issues

Comprehensive Asset Search

Comprehensive Background Investigations

Excluding Employment Hiring & Landlord tenant backgrounds

Obtaining Information On Anything Or Anyone


Obtaining Information On Anything Or Anyone,

Looking For Someone? We’ll Find Them.

Comprehensive Documentation



Case Report Writing

Expert Interviewing

Process Service