What Can a P. I. Do For Me?

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Here's A Few Situations


My life & My business

“But my life is normal… Just a few kinks here and there”…

  • Thinking about dating someone – Getting married? 
  • Who is this person, really – Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? We’ll find the real facts before you make such an important decision.
  • Got a jerk in your life? We’ll get you the evidence to document those very frustrating & irritating situations!
  • Looking for someone? We’ll find them.
  • Need some information? We’ll get it.
  • Need someone followed? We’ll follow them, with video and / or pictures, to prove it.
  • Unknown assets? We’ll find all existing assets including hidden assets & offshore accounts. (Checking – Savings – Investment accounts; Safe deposit boxes; Trust accounts; Cars – Boats – Planes; Real estate; Companies owned).

“And my business is fine… I think we’re doing OK”…

  • Business partner? What you don't know could hurt you.
  • Employees? Theft – Drugs – Workplace violence – Injuries – Drinking during work hours – Company reputation concerns – Harassment – Sick leave fraud – Wasting company time on personal issues. We’ll get the evidence you need.

Valentine's Day


The Unfaithful Spouse Will Not Miss This Holiday!

If you are potentially facing infidelity, Valentine's Day is the time to act. 

Valentine's Day is very special for your spouse. Unfortunately their affections may be aimed at someone else. 

The holiday of romance is an important day for lovers and those spouses who are cheating - they always make special plans to be together.

If you are suspicious about your spouse’s behavior, Valentine's Day provides you with an excellent opportunity to get the truth. Cheating meetings are extremely predictable. They always happen on Valentine's Day or within a couple of days before or after. One characteristic about meeting on Valentine's Day is the need for the cheaters to spend more time together than they usually do. They bring sexy lingerie, cards, gifts and candy and really try and make it a special occasion. They also tend to be very sloppy as far as attention to who may be following or watching them. The excitement tends to take over and makes catching them even easier. 

Aside from the actual time they spend together engaged in the infidelity, there is always some lengthy contact on Valentines Day itself via telephone, email or instant messaging. If they cannot be together on that day, they must tell each other how much they miss each other, etc.